Health Coaching Services

healtcoachsrvc  Culinary Health Coaching is an innovative approach that incorporates integrative healthcare with individually supported dietary and behavior modifications to encourage preventative care and health improvement. 

What is a Culinary Health Coach?

  • An integral part in our evolving healthcare system
  • Empowering individuals by advocating and assisting in achieving their long-term health goals
  • Encourages diet modifications through meal planning and preparation
  • The liaison between medical diagnosis and positive individual outcomes
  • A support system for effective health behavior changes and disease prevention
  • A proactive contributor to the healthcare community

Culinary Health Coaching Service Packages

Two-Week Jump Start Package –  Special Offer $99.00 – $179.00 Value

  • 10-Day Sugar Jump Start 
  • Daily email support and motivation for 10 days
  • 2 Hours private consultation

Four-Week Healthy Transitions Package –  Special Offer $339.00 – $749.00 Value

  • 1 hour a week of online instruction (4 hours total)
  • Culinary instruction videos
  • Plant-based recipes 
  • Meal planning 
  • 1 hour a week private consultation (4 hours total)

All of our Personal Services are customizable 

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