Online Cooking Classes

About The Natural Epicurean’s Online Culinary Workshops

We’ve taken our world class curriculum for plant-based and health supportive cuisine and distilled it down into introductory online workshops. These courses, all part of our Cooking for Wellness series, are four week, mostly self-paced, cooking classes designed to provide the participant with the foundational skills and techniques to better source, plan, and prepare healthy meals.

The Cooking for Wellness series offers a unique education by connecting you directly with one of our professional chef instructors Live and “in person” over the web. Each week, you’ll participate in a 1-hour online classroom, plus you’ll have the opportunity to schedule some one on one time with the chefs for a more personal touch.

We offer evening and morning conference times.  Evenings will be scheduled for 6:30pm CST and mornings scheduled for 10:30am CST.  Make sure to click on “Register for the Program” to see which sessions and dates are available.


Cooking For Wellness:
An Introduction to the 5 Essential Healing Cuisines

Are you plant curious?
Do you want to step up your game in the kitchen?

This is not your average online “get healthy” class. This program is designed to help you explore new and innovative ways to invigorate your health through food and nutrition. In this four week course, guided by professional chef instructors and health coaches, you will learn basic knife skills and be introduced to the five plant-based healing cuisines: vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, raw & living, and Ayurveda. Plus, you’ll receive a collection of recipes for your daily meal planning. These tools will enhance your wellness practice and send you on a journey to become a healthier you!


Cooking for Wellness: An Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking

Are you interested in the science of ancient healing and remedies?
Do you want to find out more about food as medicine?

In this course, we will provide you an overview of Ayurveda’s theory, principles and its application to cooking. Course content will cover a brief history and fundamental elements of Ayurveda, such as the 3 doshas and its characteristics, the 5 elements, and the six tastes. Students will also learn about Ayurvedic herbs and spices and cooking techniques with the focus placed on supporting wellness. Ayurvedic recipes and video demonstrations will further enhance how to apply the principles to cooking for doshas.


Cooking for Wellness: The Healthy Vegan

Where do you get your protein?
Aren’t you hungry?
Are you tired of hearing those questions?

In this course, you will learn the basics behind food combining, how to prepare plant-based protein sources, and creative ways to incorporate a variety of fresh foods into your meals.  In doing so, you’ll learn how to debunk the myths surrounding the assumed nutrient deficiencies that vegan and plant-based diets are constantly faced with in our culture. We’ll walk you through some of the science and nutrition behind vegan diets, then take an in-depth look at each meal throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks.